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Invocean provides highly experienced and capable support to businesses, projects and developers . Our primary focus is to provide consulting support through our extensive expertise in projects and deliverable's, acquisition and procurement, built through many years of global completions. We also have many years of direct, in-depth experience with all aspects of Marine, Oil & Gas, Defence and Renewables engineering, management and operations. Our employee experience is greatly enhanced through years of experience employed in the industries.


Our primary focus is providing a full range of support to the selected industries in all aspects of support service requirements. This support incorporates and most effectively utilizes our consummate understanding of engineering, management and operations. Invocean consulting and support services have proven capabilities and results. The support we provide has led to many contract wins and completion successes.

Invocean provides more than just staff augmentation. We serve as a trusted and dedicated member of your team. We are especially adept at working with FEED, project and operations teams. We are very flexible and adaptive to your requirements, and each individual project or business situation. We integrate well and effectively with in-house Subject Matter Experts, management, and project staff. We utilize innovative and winning techniques and strategies to ensure an efficient and effective completion of your chosen requirements.

Design & Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering & Analysis

  • Product Development & Feasibility Studies

  • FMECA, Reliability & Maintainability

  • Structural & Mechanical Engineering

  • FEA, Corrosion, Fatigue, Thermal & Vibration Analysis

  • 3-D Modelling & Animation

Project Management

  • Client & Contract Representation

  • Project Life-cycle Analysis

  • Project Projections & Management

  • Project Budget & Cost Control

  • Risk Analysis & Management

  • Collaborative Project Management Office

  • Project Management Training

  • Resource Allocation

  • Project Planning & Tracking

Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance & Enterprise Information Systems

  • Integrated Logistics Support

  • Supply Chain Modelling & Simulation

  • Service & Maintenace Optimization

  • Process Optimization

Operations Management

  • Contract Delivery & Optimization

  • Quality Assurance & Control

  • Fabrication & Manufacturing Management

  • Six Sigma & Lean Developments

  • Performance Improvement

  • Process & Automation Analysis

  • Case Study Development

Quality Management

  • Quality Control & Assurance

  • Equipment Survey & Inspection

  • Business Process Management

  • Regulatory & Quality

  • Verification & Compliance

  • ISO Accreditation 

  • Certification & Type Approval

  • HSE & Environmental Control

  • Site & Project Quality Plans

  • Quality Standards Verification

Site Surveys

Invocean can perform Safety Surveys of marine and emergency equipment to ensure that it operates correctly and complies with the operating company and international industry standards or Classification Society. 

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