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DNA Strand


The Marmion Group's operating companies and brands are at the forefront of innovation and radical design production changes across all sectors and applications. This focused enhancement approach, allows the Marmion Group to maintain an extensive portfolio of key products and systems which provide solutions to customers in many end markets around the globe. We reduce logistics costs and development costs by ensuring where possible we can manufacture in or near your destination country to save precious project time from being wasted through shipping requirements. 

Below is our DNA, the current directory of Marmion Group companies and brands that align with multiple industries and sectors. The directory is already quite dynamic as we continue to develop and alter our DNA through additional business lines and acuisition of new brands and companies that align with our global strategy. 

  • ROV's

  • Suveillance Vehicles

  • AUV / Gliders

  • Unmanned Surface Vehicles

  • Submarine Rescue Systems

  • Subsea Robotics

  • Saturation Diving Gear

  • Mix & Air Diving Equipment

  • Survey Equipment

  • Engineering & Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Quality Management

Invocean is a key provider of Subsea & Surface - Engineering, Products and Services for the Marine, Offshore, Defence and Energy Industries. Driven by continuous development, with a focus on economics, productivity, modularity, and optimization. Invocean can deliver high-quality products, specialised systems, strategically located facilities' and in-house technical expertise enables us to partner with our clients to deliver innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions.

  • Vessel & Marine Equipment

  • Offshore & Drilling Gear

  • Oil & Gas Equipment

  • Subsea Hydraulics 

  • Subsea Buoyancy Units

  • Launch & Recovery Gear

  • Saturation Diving Gear

  • Mix & Air Diving Equipment

  • Containerized Equipment

  • Shipbuilding Equipment

  • Project Management

  • Quality & Inspection

Healand Marine is a China based professional Marine and Offshore equipment supplier and project services company providing fast, reliable and timely solutions, adapted to your most demanding projects and deliverables in mainland China and surrounding areas. Now with 40% of our work coming from outside China, and a second facility ''Healand Maritime'' in Hong Kong, Healand are developing a  fast-growing network of offices across the region.

HADASA Industries
Gov. & Defence

  • Man Transportable Small UGV & ULRR

  • Vehicle Transportable
    Medium UGV

  • Self Transportable Medium UGV

  • Hybrid Rescue UGV with TRC & RAK

  • Ground Control Comms 

  • EOD Systems & Gear

  • Bomb Disposal Packages

Hadasa Industries is a global provider of tactical ground robotic systems. Their team of Engineers and Developers leads the front end design, research and development, production and also final delivery and testing of well equipped high-performance unmanned ground vehicles.There are difficult terrains, and there are unsurmountable challenges ahead. We must ensure the right tools are utilised, at the right time, so we don't lose our earned  advances and position in technology

  • Certified Ballistic Helmets, Vests, Plates & Shields

  • Law Enforcement Gear

  • Anti-Riot Equipment

  • EOD & Search Equipment

  • Hard Plate Armour

  • Raw Material Units

  • Military Backpack

  • EOD - IEDD Gear

  • Bomb Suits

  • Containment & Disposal

  • Tactical & Ballistic Gear

Terrorain Systems are an innovative supplier of Law Enforcement, Military, EOD, anti-terrorist and internal security equipment, and have the capability to supply to customers worldwide. Terrorain are dedicated to the development of current products knowing how their products and solutions defend and secure countless lives in the field.

Lysander Aerospace
Aerospace Technologies

  • Surveillance UAV

  • Fire Fighting UAV

  • Agricultural Drones

  • Cargo Delivery VTOL

  • Payload Equipment

  • Remote & Vehicle Mount

  • Portable Hand Controllers

  • Ground Control Stations

  • Multispectral Sensors

  • UAV Operations & Training

  • UAV Pilot & Tech Training

Lysander Aerospace is a professional unmanned aerial system supply company focused on the aim of providing reliable, interesting, and cost-effective solutions for our global customers.  Lysander products cover UAV and payload equipment as well as an inhouse and international customized service. They supply industry-grade fixed-wing, VTOL, mission payload, ground station, power system, for applications such as mapping, inspection, logistics, agriculture and a wide range of alternative applications.

Fire Protection


  • UV/IR Fire Detectors

  • Ultra-High Speed UV/IR Fire Detector for Sodium Azide Fires

  • UV/IR Fire Detectors for safe area use

  • Ultra-High Speed UV/IR Fire Detectors

  • Fire Detector for Sodium Azide Fires

  • Multi-Spectrum Electro-Optical Digital Fire Detector

Firexium has expanded into an international company with in situ manufacturing and certified testing capabilities at their facilities. Today, Firexium has become part of the Marmion Group and has affiliated offices in United Kingdom, China, United States. Firexium has grown from a fire systems and protection company into a premier full service, specialty fire protection systems company.

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